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Terry is a musically inclined, athletic and fun lovin' individual whose main interest is to create the opportunity for others to enrich their lives through the recreation of dancing. He has performed this work for the last 30 years as a dance instructor, DJ, and a major promoter of West Coast Swing in the Seattle area. He has provided Seattle area swing dancers with weekly West Coast Swing classes and dances as well as weekend workshops featuring the country’s top professionals.

His enthusiasm and success at building a strong West Coast Swing dance community in Seattle inspired others to establish similar dance communities throughout the Northwest, including West Coast Swing Clubs in Portland, Spokane and Vancouver B.C.

As a dance instructor, Terry’s focus is on helping the social West Coast Swing dancer. He teaches movements that are easily led and followed on the social dance floor and often gives pointers on how to be a more desirable social dance partner.

Terry is recognized as one of the top West Coast Swing DJ’s in the nation. He has been the primary DJ for the Seattle Swing Dance Club and Seattle’s Easter Swing Convention for many years and has been on the DJ Staff for the US Open and Phoenix Swing Conventions.

Terry's top West Coast Swing song picks are regularly listed on the DJ Page at the prestigious USASwingNet website.

In 2007 he was inducted into the Swing DJ Hall of Fame.

Swing DJ Bio

Terry is the Granddaddy of all West Coast Swing DJ’s in the entire Northwest. He was the very first DJ to put on his own West Coast Swing dances in the Seattle area, which he started way back in 1992.

In 1995, Terry was contracted to DJ for most all Seattle Swing Dance Club dances and the Easter Swing Convention and has provided DJ and instructor service for the SSDC every year since.

In 1996 he hosted workshops, featuring top professional WCS instructors, which were attended by many dancers throughout Washington, Oregon and Canada. Soon after, those inspired dancers formed Swing Clubs in Portland, Spokane and Vancouver BC and Terry provided sound & DJ service for their national swing conventions.

Subsequently, he became nationally recognized and was a DJ at the prestigious US Open in 2002 & 2003 and at the Phoenix Swing Convention in 2005.

In recognition of his many years of excellent Swing DJ service to the dance community, he was inducted into the Swing DJ Hall of Fame in 2007.

Today, Terry is also recognized as Seattle’s Top Ballroom DJ and currently DJ’s dances and events for the Aria Ballroom, Pacific Ballroom Dance, The Verve Ballroom, Northwest Dance Extravaganza, The Crystal Ball, The Senior Games, USA Dance Kitsap, USA Dance Tacoma, DanceSport Seattle, The Seattle Swing Dance Club and the Yuppie Tavern.

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