Pics from some of the many theme dances I have DJed and attended!

St. Patrick's Day at Mick Finster's

Mick Finster's Irish Pub

DJ Terry 055

60s party


Roll-reversal dance event

Sweetheart Jam 2006

Sweetheart Jamboree 2006

Sweetheart Jam

Hillbilly theme

Puttin' on the Ritz...

New Year's Eve event, 2008

Sweetheart Jam 2014

With Jay Palmer at Sweetheart Jamboree 2014

Roy Rogers look-alike?

Sweetheart Jamboree

Sweetheart Jamboree

With Polly at Sweetheart Jamboree (2013 maybe?)

USA Dance Kitsap

With Kelly Ham, 2013

USA Dance Kitsap

With Acilia Brohman, 2013

Christmas at the Verve

With Santa at the Verve Ballroom 2013

Terry as Dracula

USA Dance Tacoma at the Lakewood Elks, Halloween 2016

An outfit for every holiday...

4th of July 2014

With Janet Baron & Polly Thrall

"Forta July", 2014

Grooving with Polly

Grooving with Polly, 4th of July 2014

1970s theme dance

Winter Club in Bremerton 2014

Steampunk fun

Steampunk Theme at Winter Club 2017

With Michael at Winter Club 2018

Kentucky Derby theme at Winter Club 2018

One cool dude

USA Dance Tacoma, '50s theme dance at the Lakewood Elks

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