West Coast Swing Music
Wondering What West Coast Swing Looks Like?

Here are ten good songs for practicing your West Coast Swing, all available on iTunes. Have fun practicing and perfecting your dancing!

Miss You by Etta James.  78 bpm

I Don't Hurt Anymore by Tony Lynn Washington.  85 bpm

Price Tag by Jessie J. 88 bpm

Upside of Lonely by Tom Hambridge. 91 bpm

Inside Out by Aynsley Lister. 95 bpm

Compass or Map by Robin Thicke. 98 bpm

Pitch a Boogie Woogie by Gary Brown. 102 bpm

Ultimate Insult by Anuhea. 105 bpm

How Long by Charlie Puth. 110 bpm

Walk All the Way Home by Kelley Hunt. 115 bpm

*BPM = "beats per minute", a way of measuring tempo. The more beats per minute, the faster the song.

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