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DJ Services

Hi Terry,

The Board was good with letting you DJ your friend's wedding (what a lucky couple!!).  And I emailed Soleman, and he can cover our dance for us in September, so no worries!!  You've been so very, very good to us over the years, and we're happy to share your talents with others!!  Again, appreciate the advance notice, and we'll see you next month!!  Take Care...

Acilia Brohman, USA Dance Kitsap

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Dance Instruction

Like many folks who are drawn to social dancing, I was first attracted to the dance scene because I wanted to experience that exhilarating feeling of dancing with a partner to great music. I decided eventually to take on west coast swing for the same reason I'd been struggling with salsa and other Latin dances for a few years—the music is just so fantastic. Having danced for a year now to the musical selections of many different west coast swing DJs, I can say with confidence that Terry's music is my favorite! He offers many different styles and tempos, but all with that great swing and serious groove. I know my feet will be compelled onto the dance floor whenever Terry's behind the tunes.


Thanks Terry!

K. Hart

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